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In Praise of Thai Egg Custard

By now, you’ve noticed me yammering on and on and on about my favorite road in Bangkok. I talk about Charoen Krung incessantly, in blog life and in real life. Everyone that visits me is dragged there. That’s because it has everything. It has bead shops, gun shops, Mr. Donut, antique shops, camera shops, endless food, it runs parallel to the Chao Phraya, runs through Chinatown, Burapha, and ends up right in the heart of Banglamphu at the foot of Wat Pho.

And it has egg custard.

Glorious egg custard.

sah kai yah.

It was my last week at work and I had little to do. I went to go school supply shopping with a few teachers. I was warned that we might walk a long way to get to the market with school supplies. On the cab ride there, Aon mentioned a shop with egg custard that old people loved to go to. It was close enough to where we needed to be. She asked me if I wanted to try it and you already know the answer to that.

We stopped on Charoen Krung (a part of the street I hadn’t been before) at On Lok Yun, the famous egg custard cafe.

It was both love at first site

and love at first bite.

I loved the egg custard, I loved the homemade bread, I loved the weak Chinese tea and the hot coffee.

I am falling in love with places all of the time, especially in Bangkok. And I fell hard for On Lok Yun. So if we are in Bangkok at the same time, we will go.