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high school food

Sno cones are high school food, my friend Hamm and I decided while I was home. Nothing says high school like numbing my tongue with cold sugar and babbling on like a fool. I made sure to go twice when I was home, I love sno cones that much. So ice deli-cious.

Aaron, one of my oldest friends, spoon to his eye

I like a mix of flavors and as syrupy as possible.

my sisters and Aaron. This makes me so nostalgic for mid-American summers!

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Meet Denise

Getting home from international travel is never a straightforward affair. My parents usually pick me up at O’Hare, which is a good 4 hours from my house. Usually we get lost in the airport trying to find our car. This time, I’m pretty sure it took me less time to fly from Toronto to Chicago as it did for me to get from baggage to our car. We were that lost.

When I’m home though, there’s something that I go straight for as soon as I bust through the doors and drop my luggage.

The kittens. Because it’s not home without a few funcats around.

Our resident mommacat, Denise (who was just a adolescent cat herself the last time I was home) managed to squeeze out five beautiful, yowling babies.

Gratuitous kitten pictures, commence!

meet Denise

“there’s your mom!” – my dad

Denise has begat Howard, Leonard, Karen, Tipper, and Chairman Mao. They are all so wonderful. I honestly can’t imagine growing up in a house without animals and I couldn’t imagine going home without kittens or dumb, drooling boycats or our demon-possessed Australian cattle dog for me to come back to.

this is what we like to call ‘good kitty hijinx’

full of milk, gettin’ sleepy.

meet the Chairman! he has a voice on him the size of a tomcat 5 times his size. I partially suggested the name Chairman Mao for him because ‘mao’ sounds like the Thai word for ‘cat.’ This poor cat’s ears are so far apart, but he is still awesome.

the tiny paws KILL me

if you’re wondering, YES, I spent half of my time at home on my stomach taking close-ups of kittens.

tummy full of milk. this little kitty rocks it like I do.

proof that I spend a lot of time playing with kittens. this was before I did anything else at home, before I even left my kitchen. I’m nasty from an international flight and Denise and the gang are all up on my back.

a sweet picture of my Poppins, a man who is never shy about his love of cats. he always has a kitty story to share with me.

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Bastille Sunday Market

Under the sage guidance of my friend Robin, we decided to meander through the Bastille Sunday Market, which was only a hop, skip, and a jump outside our apartment.

We managed to roll out of bed early (around 9!) and passed through the market, savoring all of the sights and nibbling on what we could, and putting up with the drizzle.

Let’s be real, if you don’t want to eat a churro with me at 10 in the morning, I probably don’t want to be friends with you.

nougat bastille sunday market paris france

This nougat.

Oh, this nougat.

So beautiful, so sweet, so chewy. I had one little bite and I was in love.

So in love that I decided to bring some home for my family. Do you see that little price in the upper lefthand corner of this photo? Yeah, I thought I saw it too.

5.90 euros for a kilo of nougat – what a steal. At that price, how could I not bring some home. Since I have little to no functional French skills, Sophie asked the nougat-peddler if she’d cut me half a kilo of the almond pistachio.

Such a huge, luscious wedge of nougat to bring home to my family. “Okay, that will be 30 euro,” nougat-peddler said (although she said it in French).

le gasp.

I did not pay close enough attention to the decimal in the nougat price. It wasn’t 5.90 euro/kilo. Of course it wasn’t. That would be ludicrously cheap. It was 59.o0 euro. Whoa. My love of food just reached a new area of ridiculosity. And I couldn’t put it back, it was already cut. So took my precious half-kilo of almond and pistachio nougat and protected it through customs in Toronto on the way back home.

Luckily, my dad and sister loved it. In the words of my infinitely quotable father “it makes you want to throw rocks at a Payday candy bar.”


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a sunset stroll

Walking is one of my favorite things to do in the world. Give me a camera and a sturdy-ish pair of shoes and I can entertain myself for an afternoon, easily. Thailand is not an ideal place for walking. During the hot season, I can barely force myself to cross my room, let alone cross the street. One kilometer would leave me a heaving, sweaty mess.

The weather in Paris was so mild, so pleasant when I arrived. This sounds completely stupid, but it felt like Christmas to me. I was that giddy.

Our final night in Paris, with Sophie already en route to Geneva, Casey and I knew we’d be spending the time in the perfect evening air. We spent a good 30-45 minutes trying to figure out the reasonably priced (but confusing for tourists) bikeshare system, to no avail. We decided to hoof it to Berthillon, purported home of the best ice cream in Paris.

No pictures of my ice cream (fig and raspberry rose for me, salted caramel and whiskey chocolate for Casey), but spending my last few hours in Paris bathed in golden light and wandering up and down the Seine was sublime.

Ice cream in hand, we stumbled upon the love padlocks at Pont de l’Archevêché. Picturesque? Yes. Sentimentality? No thank you, not at this point in my life.

But really. I am so happy with how these photos came out. Everything looks perfect and ethereal and exactly how I remembered it.