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South Africa, Here I Come!

Johannesburg, South Africa

So tomorrow, I’m leaving on a jet plane. I’ll be hitting up a whole new continent! I keep on promising to write more and more, but I promise I will.

This program has been wonderful so far! I’ve started to engage much more critically with issues in global health, thinking about the differences between structural/policy-level approach to issues, versus grassroots levels of change. Basically, top-down or bottom-up. And they can and should be complementary. But I think I’m a top-down approach kind of person.

I had the really really experience to spend some quality time on capitol hill today, talking to my congresspeople (or rather, their staffers) about child marriage. Hopefully, I persuaded the staffer at my local representative’s office with my farm-girl charm.

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DC Living

In the quickest of updates, I’ll let you know what’s been going on my first few days in DC.

I’m basically chilling in a hostel run by Quakers with 33 other people. I’ve been learning the metro, visiting NGOs, trying to remember what it’s like to do homework, and trying to comprehend what kind of program I’ve gotten myself into. It’s going to be awesome though. I’ll update soon, when I’m not stealing other people’s computers.

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My Other Blog

No, not my tumblr.

Like I mentioned, I’m doing kind of an academic blog that’s part of a global independent study project that I’ll be participating in. Here’s the url: brownglisp.wordpress.com

Expect this to be the more informal tales of my trip, while the other blog will be a nice academic complement to my upcoming adventures.

I just got my yellow fever shot today, and I’m about to go on a packing binge.

I’ll probably try to squeeze a tweet out every once in a while (@jordanhw). Depends on how often my phone gets charged. And reception!

Also, please keep your thoughts and prayers with the people of Haiti. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a few places in my young life, and Haiti has my heart. It’s unimaginable the continuous suffering that this nation has undergone.

Also, p.s. – Name suggestions?! I won’t be in Thailand!

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A New Leg of My Journey

So I never got around to posting that last part of my journey. Rest assured, it was awesome. Highlights include:
-Getting the worst sunburn of my life in Koh Tao. I was a nice crispy orange for quite awhile, and I still have the obscene tan lines to prove it.
-Slip-sliding down a waterfall in the middle of the jungle in northern Thailand.
-Trips to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and a brief jaunt in Tachilek, Burma.
-Spending a little more time in Bangkok before leaving home.

I miss Thailand each and every day, and especially when the going got tough this semester. I had a good (but very busy!) semester though, working two jobs on top of my regular class load.

Luckily, next semester will be a different kind of hectic. I’ve had my fill of classroom learning for awhile, and I’ll be spending the next semester studying abroad with the International Honors Program. After spending a few weeks in D.C., I’m off to South Africa, Vietnam, and Brazil for about a month each.

Each country will be great, I’m sure, but I’m especially eager to return to Southeast Asia again. And although I’d dearly love to make it to Luang Prabang in Laos this time, Vietnam is sure to offer its own charms (can you say Halong Bay?!).

So that’s my update for now. I won’t have my computer with me and I’ve got no idea what internet access will be like. I’m also participating in a global independent study project through the Office of International Programs at Brown, on top of my IHP coursework. I’ll be studying Approaches to Health and Development and bi-weekly, a couple of friends and I hope to post scholarly updates on what’s what in global health. I’ll give you the link when that blog is up and ready (expect it in the next few weeks).

Don’t let me forget, Happy New Year! I’m hoping that 2010 will bring me even more adventures than did 2009, along with faith, wisdom, and patience. Here’s hoping the same for you!

P.S. The title for my blog doesn’t exactly fit anymore! I’m taking suggestions, or else I’ll have to name it something painfully generic, and we all don’t want that.